New online course in preparation: Time under control

Learn Practical Time Management in just 2 hours.

  • Be more productive and satisfied with your work and life.
  • The core of “Getting Things Done”, “Essentialism”, “The power of habit”, and over 40 other books.
  • Based on 10+ years of experience and feedback from 2000 students.

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Piotr Nabielec

Course author

Learn Practical Time Management in 2 hours

Time is precious. You can earn more money, but you will never get more time. Managing your time is managing your life. Today people have problems with ever-growing lists, multitasking, distractions, procrastination, life satisfaction. Our education system completely skips this topic.

Explains how our brain functions, what are it's limitations and how to help it.

Over 30 best paper solutions, apps and plugins that support everyday organization.

How to effectively plan your days in under 5 minutes and prioritize short- and long-term.

7 strategies to overcome distractions and 4 common problems with task lists solved.

Imagine a short, information-packed course that helps you get the core of “Getting Things Done”, “Essentialism”, “The power of habit”, and over 40 other books - and put them into practice. You will also learn how they all fit together and get insights from over 10 years of practice and over 2000 students - online and offline. I am now working on such course and I invite you to be a part of it. It aims to help you be more productive and find a balance between achieving your goals, relationships, leisure and creative time.

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2h video course

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Who is Piotr, the author?

Piotr is a great trainer passionate about his job. I've learned a lot of useful things during his three trainings I’ve attended. He is an expert in knowledge sharing. I appreciate his professional attitude connected with optimism and sense of humor.

Anna Jaszcz, Business Analyst

The best measure of the quality of his trainer work are the opinions of our employees - some of them:- "the best training I have ever been"- "very good trainer"- "very good contact with the participants, dynamically conducted training"

Wojciech Czerepak, Training Manager

Piotr Nabielec is an ex-software developer and manager, who has over 13+ years of experience in large corporations and smaller companies and spent over 6 years in learning and development. He is passionate about the topic of productivity and at the same time fan of the Slow Movement. Plays guitar and drums. Fan of sports and outdoor activities. Piotr has over 2500 followers on LinkedIn and nearly 20 recommendations. He runs profitable business while having 50 vacation days a year. He was a guest of TEDx and several podcasts, wrote over 100 articles on his blog and for Lifehack portal.

More about Piotr and his methods


Do everything at the correct speed

Course outline

0. Intro

0.1. Welcome and how to use this course

0.2. Why Practical Time Management and my story

1. How our brain functions

1.1. Levels of information processing

1.2. How habits are formed (and how to help it)

1.3. The role of Urgency

1.4. The curse of Open Loops. How hormones take control.

1.5. A new look on Eisenhower matrix

2. Effective task list and it’s real role

2.1. Get it out of your head - and why you should

2.2. List of useful apps and plugins (free and paid)

2.3. Effective list segmentation

2.4. Breaking down projects

2.5. Clarifying the goal

3. Calendar

3.1. Task list vs Calendar

3.2. List of useful apps (free and paid)

3.3. Calendar layers

3.4. Useful calendar integrations

3.5. High focus blocks

4. Focus and Distractions

4.1. The anatomy of focus

4.2. 7 sources of distractions

4.3. Working in blocks and Pomodoro Technique

4.4. Useful apps and plugins

4.5. Coping with office distractions

5. Putting it all together

5.1. Daily planning strategies

5.2. Weekly planning strategies

5.3. Energy level management

5.4. You are not a robot

6. Summary

6.1. How to waste this course

6.2. What’s next? More help and extra materials for free.






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